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Client Relationship Management - I have no doubt the feedback will change the way we relate to clients, how we listen to them and how we go about giving them what they want, in the way they want it. One thing we have learned is that old-style single partner-client relationships aren't good for us and aren't valued by our clients
Managing Partner
Legal Practice, North West

Key Account Management - Thanks. Yes, a very enlightening session made that much more enjoyable because it could instantly be put to practical effect. I also liked the fact that you were not prescriptive in your suggestions and recognised that there are many ways of achieving the same end.
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Law Firm Business Development

We help to develop the new business strategies that every legal practice needs today to be able to drive a successful business forwards, calling on our extensive experience of working across the legal market in many different sectors - and areas of management within law firms - over the last 20 years.

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We specialise in supporting lawyers to develop a more successful and manageable business going forwards; focused on strategies and initiatives that add value to legal services and the lawyer / client relationship, enabling you to develop better business and improve performance.

Our support will help you on:

  • Business strategies and initiatives; enabling you to make the right decisions with confidence and then make it happen.
  • Technology, where we can help you get your people engaged to make the best use of the tools available.
  • Generating new business by being more proactive in "listening" to clients and developing client relationships and new propositions
  • Introducing better "Lean" business and legal process to cut out waste, reduce wip and deliver more of what clients want.
  • Developing people in the right roles, with the right mix of skills and environment to keep people engaged.

CallAllan Cartonon 0161 929 8355 for acandid, confidential and FREEdiscussion - with no obligation - to explore new cost-effective ways of tackling the challenges you face, whatever size of practice you run. Or, complete this formand we will call you.

Nobody knows ... what they don't know!
law firm business development options, decisions
Let us fill some of the gaps on managementsolutions that can add value to your service for your clients; you can then make fully informed decisions about which will produce the best results for your business ... and we can support you to make that happen.
WE WANT TO MEETyour senior management team - in confidence and without any obligation - to explore your plans and how the range of solutions we work with could contribute to the successful development of your business.

Inpractice UK Solutions include ..

  • Researched business plans and business development strategies.
  • "Client Listening- to offer clients what they want … before they know they want it
  • Implementing CRM strategies and systems to open up new business opportunities with existing clients, Introducers and business partners.
  • Developing technologywith a focus on user adoption of solutions to improve productivity and efficiency - practice, case, HR and document systems; also considering options to move some or all of your technology, infrastructure and support to the securely hosted "Cloud”.
  • Mystery shopping and Training to help your people sell your services at a higher price, convert more enquiries into instructions and improve perceptions of the value of your services.
  • Acquisition, merger and disposal of legal practices.
  • Improve legal and business processes- introducing "Lean” thinking, to enable you to deliver what clients want more effectively; but also often addressing internal frustrations about inefficiencies.
  • Some specific innovative IT solutions:
    • E-learning and development platformto support development of people and skills
    • Extended telecomsto reduce costs, improve collaboration and productivity.
    • Support on moving to a e-working in a paperless/liteoffice environment
    • Desktop dashboardsfor real time, automated access to KPI's and management information
    • "Automated” time captureto improve pricing of fixed fees and increase revenue
    • Print managementto reduce operating costs and improve usage
Through experience of working with law firms, clients of law firms, introducers to law firms and a wide variety of other stakeholders in the legal sector throughout the last 25 years, we work regularly with a range of effective solutions that we want you to know about; some delivered alongside our tried and trusted business partners.

To arrange a confidential, no obligation and free consultation to explore your particular requirements, contact Allan Carton on 0161 929 8355 or at or here.

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