Move to the Cloud or Not, Evaluate the options

Is now the time for your practice to move to "the Cloud" ... or not?
We can help you evaluate the pros, cons, solutions and suppliers quickly.

If you are considering spending money now on hardware or software, you should consider the Cloud (secure hosting by a specialist third party) as an alternative to replacing your current servers "on-premise".

Inpractice UK can help you make the right decisions faster, with confidence; and help you produce results earlier by managing the transition with the benefit of our experience with other legal practices.

Why Consider Outsourcing your IT now?
This is still unfamiliar territory for most lawyers. However, advances in technology and in the options available mean that outsourcing your IT in one way or another is an option that no legal practice should ignore because of the substantial benefits that can be achieved in the right circumstances. The arguments in favour are getting stronger. We can help you understand the growing variety of options now available to outsource management of some or all of your IT operations to improve the performance of your business and we can help you make the right decision quickly.

The overriding concept is that responsibility for management of a firm’s IT infrastructure and support can be given to a specialist organisation in part or as a whole to enable the remaining IT resources of a business to focus on adding value to the firm through enhancing business processes and providing a better service to clients.
By turning to a managed service provider, legal practices can have confidence in delivery of services against pre-defined service levels. Cost and benefit will vary for each firm, as will the cultural changes required. However, an increasing range of benefits can now be achieved with newer technologies for networks, the internet, thin client, storage area networks and other technologies coupled with a growth in potential suppliers.

How we can help?

We guide you through the following stages with as little or as much input as you need from us to:
  • Evaluate the business case for a move ... or not, including a cost-benefit evaluation.
  • Decide how much could be outsourced beneficially, to what extent and how
  • Evaluate short-listed suppliers and proposed solutions
  • Negotiate the price and contract, including service level agreements
  • Equip you manage the transition, enabling you to produce results faster
  • Help you manage your suppliers and continue to develop your IT strategies
There is now a variety of technical options and growing number of capable suppliers in this area. We can take you through the process to select the right suppliers very cost-effectively, having already worked with and evaluated the key established providers as they have developed their solutions.  

We will help you focus on the right criteria for your practice and the key differentiators, enabling you to start off down the right track, to make well-informed decisions efficiently and with confidence. Too many firms spend too long going around in circles to make these decisions without a clear grasp in this often unfamiliar territory.

This is not just for larger firms, we can help smaller firms make these decisions too.

For more information or to discuss your plans - in confidence and with no obligation, contact Allan Carton or Nigel Stott on +44 (0)161 929 8355 or complete the information request.
For more background on the increasing uptake of securely hosted services - in "the Cloud" - in the legal sector, check out these articles and downloads from Inpractice UK. 

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