Residential Conveyancing - Plan to Target your Best Prospects

Plan to Target your Best Prospects for Residential Conveyancing Services
Market Research, Focused Strategy and Plans - to open up new opportunities with confidence. 

A short research and workshop programme led by Allan Carton and Richard Hinton to add focus and direction to your efforts to sell and cross-sell residential conveyancing (and other private client) services to the right clients for your practice and the people living in your area to make the most of the opportunities available to you.

Inpractice UK have partnered with TheConveyancingMap to deliver a tailored service that enables conveyancers to quickly and reliably set out a sound plan to develop their residential conveyancing business; also engaging the conveyancing team in the initiative, making sure that plans are put into practice. We use empirical data on transactions completed by your practice, your local competitors and estate agents to home in on opportunities, hotspots and gaps in the local market around each of your offices. 

What you get:
  • Market Research - your market, competitors, prospects.
  • Two half-day workshops on site at your offices with key members of your management, marketing and conveyancing teams.
  • Resulting in an agreed plan of action focused on best prospects.
Key components:  
  • ConveyancingMap intelligence on transactions completed in your local area, including a clear picture of who is doing what.  This includes mapped distribution, volume and value of conveyancing transactions handled in your catchment area by each conveyancing competitor and estate agent.
  • Expert Interpretation in Context. In advance of the first workshop, we produce a preliminary report providing expert interpretation of this information in the context of your business, identifying key opportunities and potential challenges.
  • Brainstorming the findings, conclusions and options with our experts. In the first workshop, we open up the discussion to explore research and consider options. In the second - perhaps one week later - we help you close in on an agreed plan of action; agreeing best prospects, appropriate service options and methods of targeting new conveyancing (and other) business from them.
  • During this project, you will be able to engage your key people in the discussion to build a shared view. You can then share, actively review, continue to refine and develop the plan to engage the whole conveyancing team and to track progress; and adapt that plan over time.
  • As an optional extra, we can "mystery shop" your practice and your competitors to add more intelligence to identify more opportunities to differentiate your practice, to make you stand out above competitors.
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