Conveyancing Workshop - Create, convert and cross-sell more opportunities, win clients for life, generate more referrals

Conveyancing - How to sell on value not price and win "clients for life"
Generate more referrals and recommendations across your private client practice

An IN-HOUSE WORKSHOP for up to 12 of your conveyancing team, including support staff in contact with clients.  Presented by Allan Carton, a long-established business development specialist working in the conveyancing sector.  

After this in-house workshop your people will:
  • Learn very practical ways to sell your services on value - not price; which they can and should start to apply the very next day.
  • Understand why winning conveyancing business is not just about price - learning what other benefits clients value and how to present your service to appeal to different enquirers; which few conveyancers currently even try to do.
  • Be equipped to engage more effectively in internal discussions about pricing, enabling you optimise your prices.
  • Recognise their potential and their role to generate more private client business for your practice from clients and prospects who should stay with you "for life".   Every conveyancing enquiry comes from a potential lifelong client!
  • Finalise a Personal Action Plan, so they can start to sell your and their services more successfully.
  • Get client conversations off on the right foot, ask the right questions at the right time throughout the conversation and ask for the business at the end - every time.
  • Be equipped to agree a consistent "best practice" approach and supporting systems to tap into the potential of every new conveyancing as source of further business for your private client practice.
During the session your people will explore:
  • The wider market for conveyancing and other private client services
  • The lifetime value of conveyancing clients and their (generally untapped) potential to refer and recommend their friends, work colleagues and family to you; how to help clients to do this.  How they can co-ordinate with other departments to agree best practice to cross-sell services.
  • Our market research on your competitors and your local conveyancing market.
  • What most clients really want when they ask for a "quote"; why and how to talk about strengths and benefits, rather than focus on price.
  • How to apply the AIDA model at every stage of handling a new conveyancing enquiry / quote.
  • What works and what does not when selling conveyancing services; enabling your people to share their experience and then agree "best practice" for everyone to adopt with confidence.
  • How to make it easier for clients to refer and recommend you as routine.  Why you want to know more about who their family, friends and work colleagues are .. and what to do with that.
  • A personal action plan to put what they have learned during the day into practice.
... and much more  besides, depending on the conversation, issues and challenges discussed candidly during the day.

Price: £750 plus vat and expenses which equates to just £63 per delegate, producing a quick return on investment from an increase in new instructions across the practice (not just conveyancing) and higher fees per conveyancing transaction.

WE GUARANTEE that this will change how most of your conveyancers think about new prospects and clients; not just new enquiries but also every day contact with every client, aiming to convert their friends, family and colleagues into clients of your practice ... for life.
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