e-Alliance L&D Platform & e-Learning

Skills Training:  The eAlliance L&D Platform and e-Learning Options
"Blended Learning" Management System (LMS) and online training programmes

Learning specialists and practitioners who will design and deliver great learning experiences backed up by cutting edge learning technologies and other training and development products and services. 

Whether you are looking for a tailored eLearning solution, an off the shelf training course or a business qualification programme, we work alongside eAlliance to develop the most appropriate "blended" approach for your legal practice.

Lawyers and support staff need help to develop better personal and business skills to become more effective in the work they do.
  • Solicitors now need to manage compliance with the new SRA "competency" based training requirements and the approach required here is good practice for other employees too; setting competency standards at different levels and mapping out a route to achieving the right mix of skills and experience to achieve that competence. 
  • Your people also need to believe they have genuine opportunities to develop if they are to engage in new strategies and initiatives. However, time is in short supply for everyone and there has, until now, been a lack of investment in development of support staff.  
The eAlliance solution enables law firms to get smarter and more (cost) effective at organising training and development; to be more innovative and flexible in filling gaps across the whole practice; mixing a blend of traditional training with more affordable and flexible e-learning.  

Using e-learning as part of a blend of training creates the option to develop and re-deliver your own e-learning training programmes on anything ranging from simulated legal examples to compliance, IT and management training. Making this material specific to your practice and capable of being delivered on demand adds value for those attending and reduces costs significantly.

To set up a free demonstration of the Learning Management System, and to discuss a wider variety of options to deliver highly effective skills training for your people, with no obligation, please complete this information request form.

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