Telephone Systems: Could you put these new features to use to improve the performance of your practice

Legal Telephone Systems: Could these new features improve the performance of your practice?

If you feel it is time now to upgrade or replace your telephone systems, it's a good time to take a step back to consider just in how many areas you can make a positive impact on performance.  

There is a lot more you can do today with the right telephony system in place. For example, you may want to:
  • Automatically display names of incoming callers via your CRM (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Sugar, Zoho) system when people call in;
  • Record time on a call to directly to a matter or client;
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls to help your people develop better telephone, client care and sales skills; or to manage the risk of claims relating to telephone discussions;
  • Identify and manage bottlenecks in handling calls that can frustrate your clients;
  • Use it to identify who is at their desk now (on their mobile, at home or elsewhere) and use instant chat or video; and
  • Track how quickly people answer calls and which calls don't get answered and much more.
Complete this form to download a summary of the CN-Cloud Hosted phone system which is a useful starting point to consider what you will and will not use.

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DOWNLOAD:  What you get in today's modern Legal Telephony system.

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