PAY LESS TAX - R&D Tax Relief Claims for Legal Practices

PAY LESS Corporation Tax:  Claim R&D Tax Credits 
For Legal  Practices operating as a Limited Companies or PLC, including ABS.
Many progressive legal practices are undertaking activities that they don’t realise fall into the category of "research and development" (R&D). 

Does your investment in Technology or Innovative Business Development entitle you to a tax credit that will increase your profits and provide more cash to reinvest in further new intiatives?

Many businesses - including lawyers and legal practices - assume that their accountants have made claims for tax relief, when they have not. You can nowcheck out your entitlement and pursue a claim at no cost to your business and you only pay 10% of any successful allowances identified.

Eligble R&D comes in many guises.  In the services sector, there is a drive to redefine service delivery and to develop new service models where investment in technology to support new initiatives is critical. This kind of investment can qualify for R&D Tax Credits and your claim can take account of both the cost of the software and of time and services needed to implement new solutions. 

Developing & Implementing New Technology does not need to be "ground breaking" to be classifed as conducting qualified activities as defined by the Internal Revenue Code; and it is not just about the software itself, but also the activity involved in developing and implementing solutions.
ONLINE ASSESSMENT - Check here if you can qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

If it looks like you have a claim, our agents:

Operate on a no-win, no fee basis, charging a success fee of up to 10% of the allowances we identify.  If you are unsuccessful, there is no charge.  

Manage the whole process from start to finish and will keep you updated along the way.

Start that process by digging deeper to get the rest of the information needed to pursue your claim, including the appointment of surveyors and other professionals as required; at no cost to you.

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