Shobha Bentley

Shobha Bentley

CRM, GDPR & Data Management 
Systems Consultant

Tel : +44 (0)161 929 8355 
Mobile : +44 (0)7831 865724

GDPR Compliant CRM and data management systems to enable you to keep developing your practice, with confidence.
Having worked in-house for law firms on cleansing data and implementing Data Protection Act compliant CRM systems hands-on for more than 20 years, Shobha will help you to pre-empt and tackle head on the challenges you are likely to face in the early days of any CRM project.

Law firm databases tend to have been badly maintained so there is generally a lot of work involved in coordinating all the steps needed to end up with reliable data that your people trust, which is essential early on in any CRM project. Shobha has been through that process many times, so she can make sure that you take the right steps to get your people on board.  

It is a major challenge in any law firm to ensure that new contact data (and the market intelligence that can take your client relationships to a new level) continues to be accurate and complete. Key components of the work Shobha deals with on CRM projects include:
  • Specifying CRM system, database functionality and data requirements for business development and marketing purposes;
  • Liaison with stakeholders and third parties, production of appropriate documentation, tender process, project implementation;
  • Support to review and implement systems to manage PII (Personally Identifiable Information) under GDPR as a key component of wider systems and engagement to develop your practice.
  • Cleansing data and getting people engaged - continuing evaluation, development, management, maintenance, strategic and training processes and procedures;
  • Hands-on Support on procedures and systems for GDPR compliance, marketing, business development, event organisation. with training to help people use new tools.
  • Introducing new data control procedures to improve new contact data collection so that you can continue to maintain good quality, appropriate and relevant data.
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