Non-Exec Director Support for solicitors and legal practices

Non-Exec Director Support.
Independent, objective advice to develop your practice or focus on key areas.

An experienced, objective business adviser can help a growing legal practice make better and more effective business decisions to achieve business objectives more quickly; reducing the stresses and strains on both the business owners and the rest of the management team along the way.

Our Managing Director, Allan Carton is the key non-exec candidate amongst our team, with extensive experience working with legal practices on initiatives that are highly relevant for today's growing law firms; particularly in relation to knowledge and involvement in the legal services market, working with partners to develop new strategies involving restructuring the business, acquisitions, legal technology, client relationships, process improvement, performance management, developing skills and employee engagement.

The key reasons to employing a Non-Exec are to:
  • Draw on specialist and broad experience and expertise
  • Explore and open up new opportunities
  • Add a different, objective perspective to address new challenges
  • Hold owners and managers to account, keeping them in check
  • Focus on completion of critical tasks
  • Introduce better management structures and practice
  • Introduce connections that can help grow the business
  • Balance competing interests amongst owners and managers
  • Identify and help make the difficult decisions
  • Accept responsibility for some of those difficult decisions.
Bear in mind that:
  • A non-exec is a temporary role.
  • The owners and management teams still make the decisions.
  • A non-exec provides excellent value for money
  • They can become part of the business whilst involved.
To discuss a potential non-exec role with your practice with our Managing Director, Allan Carton, you can complete this information request form, schedule a free telephone conference, call or email us direct using the buttons on this page;  all in confidence and with no obligation.

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