Moving to the Cloud

Legal Technology:   A 7-step strategy to manage your move to the secure "Cloud".

Every law firm should be evaluating the potential benefits of making a move (now or further down the line) to the securely hosted cloud - and getting prepared for that move at some stage. 

 The potential to improve adoption of efficient systems and to control costs will be part of that equation, but ...
  • Your practice will already have harnessed the power of some cloud technology. The question is how far you want to extend that?
  • Are you still uncertain about cloud security?
  • Is there potential to streamline your organisation’s operational efficiency and save money by using the cloud?
  • Would adopting the cloud make your law firm or legal practice more agile?
  • Could it enable you to deliver better value to clients, introducers and business partners?
In this white paper, you will discover:
  • The economic sweet spots for cloud investment,
  • Little known Insights into the range of cloud services available to your practice,
  • Our business partner, Crimson’s seven step cloud implementation strategy,
  • Unique solutions to common concerns about moving to the cloud.
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