Leadership Masterclass. Training for Future Partners to Think Differently, Develop Leadership Mindsets

Think Differently, Develop Leadership Mindsets - a masterclass programme
Equip your lawyers and managers to innovative to improve performance 

Event Date:    Flexible dates that fit with your learning and development plans.  In-house at your offices or at a convenient local venue.
This ground-breaking programme of masterclasses - led by Dr Lee Williams - provides your key lawyers and managers with a simple but very effective method of understanding what they should change in their way of thinking about and doing business to deliver better value to customers; agreeing the steps to develop and evolve a more successful and sustainable business.

Working through the series will guide them to develop new, fresh thinking about how to deliver more value  and new services to clients in your legal services, whilst also focusing internal operations to improve financial and personal performance. 

Why Attend:   Lawyers need help to work their way through the challenges and obstacles they face in developing an innovative legal practice to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of both commercial and private clients.   It is time now for lawyers to think ... process ... customer ... value .... experience ... change ... people ...

Who Should Attend:   Masterclasses are suitable for anyone in a management or executive position where their decisions have a material effect on the business, its customers or its employees. The output from these Masterclass sessions should support the development of your future strategic plans. They help lawyers to understand the new business mindsets that are needed, how to develop and make them work for you in practice.

Content:  The series comprises a session on each mindset to:
  • Introduce new methods to evaluate how you currently fare; individually and as a practice.
  • Identify weaknesses and opportunities to radically improve the business
  • Explore potential benefits
  • Develop strategies and plans to fill the gaps - for each person attending and the practice
  • Define measures of success, so progress against agreed objectives can be tracked
All sessions can be delivered on your premises and we can wrap mentoring, consultancy and support around each session as appropriate to match the particular requirements of your practice. 

This blended and interactive approach ensures that plans developed to fill gaps and to tap into new opportunities are put into practice effectively.

To find out more, we run a free lunchtime introduction of this programme to your senior management team - in confidence, with no obligation - to begin to explore how the series can best be tailored to match your needs.  To book an introductory session, contact Allan Carton or Lee Williams through the options below.
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"To do things differently lawyers need help to begin to see what "different" might look like; new tools that help to visualise it and a different perspective to help break the mould, but it doesn't come easily. Lawyers need to make space and time to think more beyond today's work ... and tomorrow!"  (Dr Lee Williams) 

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