IT Salary Survey - Are solicitors paying above or below the going rate

2017 IT Salary Survey: Are you paying above or below the market rate for employees and contractors?

Salary levels will impact on recruitment and retention of skilled employees, so it always helps to be able to benchmark them against others competing to recruit them.

In this FREE report, you can compare your company’s salary bands to the rest of the industry.  It provides you with:
  • Salary bands for IT jobs in the UK.
  • Salary bands for IT jobs in London.
  • Employment trend insights from our specialists in the retail, financial services, and logistics/distribution sectors and the expert Microsoft market.
  • Top priorities for CIOs in 2017.
  • The major blockers for CIOs in 2017.
The data in this survey is based on extensive market research, a wide network of clients and contacts, and expert knowledge from the specialist consultants in Crimson’s IT recruitment agency.

To complete the picture, you can also download the 2016 report for comparison.

IT Salary Surveys - 2016 and 2017.

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