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Support to Implement GDPR Compliance
Deadline: 25th May 2018

Strategy, planning, systems, training, technology and project management to get you there.

Implementing GDPR compliance requires commitment to a concerted programme that involves people from all areas of your practice.  We can help you establish the right team with clear objectives and a plan that enables you to engage people, take the right steps and keep the momentum going.  

Your first steps - in this order - should be to:
  1. Map your data to identify where it sits, so you can explore and manage it effectively.
  2. Identify the gaps in compliance with the GDPR Requirements; an audit.
  3. Compile a high level risk analysis against those gaps to identify priority areas for the 25 May deadine.
  4. Engage key people in each department - "data champions".
  5. Explore how technology (forexample, Office 365) can help - now and in the future.
  6. Compile an action plan, allocating responsibilities and timescales.
  7. Complete more detailed Data Impact Analyses to develop and define best practice for key scenarios.
  8. Begin to amend and draft policies, procedures and documents.
  9. Extend the action plan.
  10. Keep the momentum going from there, extending beyond the 25th May deadline.
Our involvement - with the range of experience and know-how we can provide to help you cover all areas - will enable you to focus on the key steps required, with objective, experienced input to clearly identify and cut through the challenges you will meet on the way.  We will help you to make decisions quickly; essential now because time is short to meet the May 2018 deadline, which will arrive very quickly, with probably more to be done than originally anticipated.

Our GDPR related services include:
  • Data mapping to index all your personal data, wherever it is stored.
  • Gap analysis to identify your plan to work from your current DPA compliance towards GDPR compliance
  • Developing a time-scheduled plan of action / roadmap to compliance
  • Introducing technology to support and automate data management
  • Helping you define GDPR compliant processes
  • Drafting GDPR compliant documents
  • Review of third party compliance arrangements
  • Review of cyber security and disaster recovery plans
  • Project management to pre-empt and solve issues that arise to keep your plans on track
  • GDPR Training
Schedule a free GDPR consultation here at a time that works best for you to discuss how we can help you now at whatever stage you have reached on your journey to implementing your GDPR compliance.  No obligation and in confidence.
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Our GDPR Support Team:

Tim Halstead, Harry EwinsAllan Carton - Strategy, Policies, Procedures, Systems & Training.

Frank Manning & Andrew Simmans - Technology & Project Management

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