Financial Benchmark Reports

UK Law Firm Benchmark Reports

Compare your numbers with other solicitors and legal practices like you, so you know where your law firm stands - and what should be possible. 

More importantly - as you probably already know the numbers - share this information with your fee earners to set expectations and develop a better understanding of how their ways of working can put more money in their pockets.

Key measures include:
  • Fees per Fee Earner
  • Fees per Equity Partner
  • Profit as a % of Fees
  • Profit per Equity Partner (PEP)
  • Gearing
  • Fee Earners as a % of total headcount
  • Recorded chargeable hours per fee earner
  • Recovered rate per hour
  • Business Model options
  • Lock-up - Work in Progress, Debtors and combined (days)
  • Partner capital as % of fees
  • Bank Borrowings as a % of real partner capital
  • Client account balances as a % of fees
You can evaluate where you stand and what you want to improve on. There is a good chance that you will find that your lawyers need more help to understand how the way they work and manage client relationships impacts directly on financial performance - and what they should change to make a difference. 

This is an area where we provide powerful training and ongoing support to help you improve the financial performance of your practice.
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