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Client Listening Trial:  Fixed Fee for 10 Key Clients or Introducers.
Experience the new dynamic we can add to your client relationships - at our risk.

Get Started Now with Independent Client Listening


To help you explore our approach to independent client listening, we run a pilot project for up to 10 of your key clients for an introductory fixed fee plus vat and reasonable expenses, to give your team a feel for the powerful results this can produce.   Qualifying criteria are set out below.  

You pay 50% of the fee on instructions and the balance on completion ... but only pay the balance if you are satisfied with the results.  

Qualifying Criteria

  • Your senior management team must be actively engaged in the project.
  • Your annual turnover must be £6m or more,
  • You must be planning to implement or have already implemented some type of CRM system, although that implementation does not have to be considered successful.
  • At least 50% of your business by value should come from business/commercial clients.

Why our Client Listening is different?

  • We start from a clean sheet to explore options for the future.
  • We look forwards, not backwards. This is not (just) about client satisfaction.
  • Having established our independence with the client, we are free to explore anything.
  • Our discussions commit you to nothing.  You decide - with time - how to respond.
  • We understand the potential of legal technology and AI, so can explore new options.
  • We also understand lawyers, the legal market and their business world
  • We identify where you can add value AND will help you develop it.
  • We help your lawyers innovate with confidence, backed up by your clients.
  • We can run more traditional client listening and satisfaction programmes too.  

Next Steps

  • We will talk on the phone about what you have in mind.
  • Set up a first meeting with your team.
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What is Involved in a Trial?

Programme of Work

There is much more you can do with the information gathered and conclusions resulting from this initiative, which includes further internal workshops and relationship development, where we can provide further support. 
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