Managing client relationships & CRM systems.

Managing client relationships & CRM systems.
 Effective CRM is a strategy and part of the culture, not just a project.

Share a clear picture of where you want to get to and a plan of how to get there. Only then can you be persistent enough to make it work.  

We can help you make CRM systems work in the right way for your practice on the right timescales and budget for you - whatever journey is appropriate for your practice from where you are now.   

We can help you to:
  • Decide why you want a CRM system ... if you do.
  • Agree and share your objectives, create a plan.
  • Start to communicate, act as a catalyst.
  • Talk about what success will look like for your practice.
  • Manage expectations.
  • Define what kind of CRM system you want.
  • Choose the right CRM system.
  • Cleanse data.
  • Establish automated marketing systems and processes.
  • Introduce systems to manage new data entry.
  • Facilitate workshops to keep communication going
  • Set out and manage implementation plans.
  • Maintain momentum - keep developing client focus.
Once you've chosen the right, flexible, user friendly IT solution, the priority is to help your people understand what they can do more effectively to add value to their relationships with clients and then adapt the systems and processes to match. 

We help you enable your lawyers to become more focused, structured and effective with business development activity to generate new and better business.  

Some pointers you may find useful ...

  • Hold back on investing in a CRM system until the culture has changed. You don't have the luxury of time to do that now. Instead, use the structure and data available from developing a system - with engagement from a pilot group in your practice - to drive the wider change of behaviours that is needed over time. 
  • Lead with the technology.
  • Stop after the first flourish of activity. You will only produce the results that are possible by being persistent, even when people don't like the discipline and effort that is needed. It is therefore CRITICAL that people really understand why they are doing this - and what success looks like.
  • Lead from the top with agreed business objectives ... so that's where we make a start. 
  • Define your objectives in the short, medium and long term - and sharing these effectively within the business.
  • Listen to, learn to understand and share internally what clients value - what you need to know about them - early on to open up new opportunities and develop more meaningful discussions with clients.
  • Tackle simple needs first such as mailing lists and events, who owns/manages which relationships, who knows who now and integration with practice management and other systems.
  • Look for quick wins; communicate and celebrate them.
  • Tackle cleaning (usually "dirty") data early but manage that so as not to stifle progress in getting people engaged on the benefits and the plan. Clean just what you want to use from historic data and with new data being added.
  • Start with a pilot, with the marketing team collaborating closely with lawyers, support staff and us to agree what data is needed and processes to manage it.
  • Move on to more sophisticated approach to managing key client and referrer accounts and to development of new prospects. Don't stop!
  • Build reliable and meaningful client intelligence as ammunition for new initiatives .. internal workshops to develop new propositions ... and the rest.
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