Client Listening - for solicitors and law firms

Listen to clients to learn and deliver what they value in services and relationships.
Independent "client listening" adds a new dimension to  open up new opportunities.

Let us help you listen to clients to understand what should change to make your practice more competitive by adding more of what they really value. Share the message across your practice to inform your people, so they are better informed, developing the right client-driven view of their work to support new business development initiatives.

Independent Client Listening is …
  • The best first step when you want to introduce (or re-launch) a meaningful CRM “Client Relationship Management” strategy or initiative; one which enables you to differentiate your practice from competitors.
  • A catalyst to develop new services and methods of delivery that add value to your services; which differentiate your practice from the competition. It enables law firms to explore options to disrupt the status quo for the better and to innovate; do things very differently. 
  • Shared Reflection and Innovation – to identify what might be possible; then explore options and find solutions that hadn’t been considered (possible) before.
  • Ammunition to help change attitudes and practices. Once lawyers know what clients really want, they generally knuckle down to find the best way to deliver it. It gives your people confidence to innovate and makes a more interactive relationship with clients more rewarding.
  • A successful way to generate substantial new business from existing clients.
  • Not just for clients. It works for introducers, referrers and business partners too.
To find out more about the results that client listening can produce and how to introduce effective new initiatives, please submit your e-mail address to download our 3 short articles on this topic.

To discuss
how this could best be tailored to develop more new business from your existing clients and referrers - in confidence and with no obligation - call Allan Carton on 07779 653105 or schedule a telephone call below and we will call you.
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In this 3-part series of short articles, you will learn how law firms are using "independent client listening" to:

Generate new instructions
Strengthen ties with clients (referrers and business partners too)
Develop new service propositions valued more by clients
Innovate on service delivery
Develop a client-focused culture across the business.
Find tangible new ways to differentiate from competitors
Future-proof relationships with clients.

PART 1:  Why Smart Law Firms Listen to Clients
PART 2:  Why “Independent” Listening Works Best
PART 3:  Getting Started:  Client Listening Inpractice.

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