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 Bid & Tender Management
 Re-Evaluate & Challenge your Business Strategy - then make it happen
 Business Strategy For Smaller Firms
 Helping partners to develop, agree and implement a business plan
 Inpractice Solutions: Workshop - Engage your people to improve performance
 Personal Coaching for Lawyers & Senior Managers to improve your business
 Why and how to get the best out of coaching
 FREE Legal Practice Review
 Developing Your People
 Effective Management Information
 Client Centricity Audit
 Client Centricity Training
 Chamber Plus - Strategic Purchasing and Cost Reduction
 Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) should now be on your agenda
 Reduce Operating Costs, Improve Effectiveness of People, Deliver Better Value.
 In the NW - Tap into Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
 Other options to reduce your cost base
 Other ways to generate more business from clients
 Strategic Approach: Cash Positive Business Development
 Business Development Support
 Legal Technology - Decide whether to keep your IT on premise or go hosted
 Lexcel, CQS, IIP, ISO, OFR, Risk Management & Compliance
 Make your IT work harder, develop more effective integration, improve adoption
 Outsourced IT options
 Services: Strategy & Development
 Services: Marketing, Promotion & Client Relationships
 Services: Improving Productivity & Risk Management
 Services: Technology
 SRA OFR Compliance Workshop - KEY Benefits
 SRA OFR Compliance Worshop - Content (Full Day)
 Converting Conveyancing Enquiries: Content
 Conveyancing Enquiries Workshop - rationale and benefits
 1-day Introduction to Lean: What you will learn
 1-day Introduction to Lean: Topics Covered
 LEAN: Further Training Available
 3-day LEAN Foundation Course: What you will learn
 3-day LEAN Foundation Course: DAY 1
 3-day LEAN Foundation Course: DAY 2
 3-day LEAN Foundation Course: DAY 3
 Mergers: Accelerate IT integration to reap benefits earlier
 Law Firm Mergers: Our support on IT
 Organise your client database to get more business
 Allan Carton - More Archived Articles
 Mergers: Improve your business now, be stronger in negotiations
 Mergers: Support for the Management Team
 Links and Resources
 Projects: Paul Deaville
 Legal Sector: 3 days' consultancy to use how you want, discounted by 40%
 Legal Sector: £1,000 funding available to support leadership, training and coaching
 Legal Sector: Sponsorship Opportunities with Greater Manchester Chamber
 Retain and generate more business from existing clients
 Secure Hosted IT solutions for smaller firms
 GMCC Legal Sector, Skills for Justice Paralegal Consultation
 CRM - Develop & Implement effective management of client relationships
 Law Firm Business Development - equipping your practice for the future
 Inpractice Business Development Overview
 Client Listening - Compete by delivering service that clients really value
 Legal IT Solutions, Software and Systems for Law Firms
 New Startup Legal Practices - Discounted Consultancy Fees
 40% Discount for Members of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Legal Sector
 Extend your services - create more opportunities to generate more revenue from clients
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 South East Conveyancers: Free Workshop - Know your worth, your market, your customers and price
 Workshop - Equip conveyancers to win more work higher fee work and clients.
 FREE CRM Discovery Day Workshop, In-House at your offices with your people
 NEW MASTERCLASS SERIES: Think Differently, Develop Leadership Mindsets
 Conveyancers: Focus on winning new business from your best prospects.
 FREE Consultation - How to move your practice to paper-lite

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 TELEPHONE SYSTEMS: Are these the new features you want on an upgrade?
 Moving to the Cloud? How to make the most of it. DOWNLOAD this white paper.
 Financial Benchmarks for Law Firms. A Snapshot of Key Measures from NatWest's 2015 Report to share.
 Targeting SMEs: What you can do to generate more business in your area.
 NEW! IT Salary Survey 2016 - are you paying above or below the market rate
 NEW! If you are considering CRM, you don't want miss out on these options
 KPI Dashboards - just pretty pictures or can they make a real difference?
 Update on Microsoft Dynamics CRM - it keeps improving, so what's new in the Spring 2014 release.
 With the Accountants targeting your Probate business, this is one way you can FIGHT BACK NOW.
 Higher Legal Services Apprenticeship Funding - Consultation needs your response BEFORE 1st May.
 NEW! Process Improvement applied to high-end legal services at Clifford Chance
 UK Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) - A comprehensive review, 2103
 Contracting Cloud Services, a guide to best practice - Cloud Industry Forum, DMH Stallard
 Introduction to GMCC Legal Sector's EOS Initiative
 FT Report 2012 on Effective Client-Adviser Relationships. Well worth reading and sharing!
 Hosted IT Infrastructure Case Study - Reed Smith, Lexis Nexis
 Become a winning law firm - lean, agile, pro-active and innovative
 UK Trends in Securely Hosted IT and Cloud Computing, 2012
 Microsoft Office 385 in Legal - Review
 Microsoft Office 365 - How secure is it?
 Membership Fees - Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
 Legal Comparison Websites - Law Society Research, well worth a review.
 HOW TO improve your business with effective business continuity planning
 HOW TO use Lean Thinking to Increase Profits and Improve Value for Clients
 Gearing up your IT - Considering options, analysing choices for the future
 SRA Update on OFR and ABS, excellent overview for lawyers and managers
 How to develop new value added services to retain clients and make work more profitable
 Stay ahead of the game - think and talk wealth management
  Solicitor Joint Ventures With IFA's - Making it Work
 Ask clients about their world to win new business
 Who's hosting whose IT - PMS and specialist secure hosting suppliers
 6 Steps to get the most out of dictation systems
 Why lawyers in the UK are adopting managed and hosted IT services now
 Why and how to introduce CRM in a legal practice
 Check how you are faring against our business management checklist
 Inpractice Notes: First steps with social media
 Market Research: New Horizons for Lawyers and Legal Service Providers 2005 to 2015
 Where to focus your efforts on IT to improve risk management
 Interviews with leading advisors: how to prepare for a legal services revolution
 6 Questions to help focus on the value of your service to clients
 Business Sector Report - Top 10 Questions on CRM in law firms answered

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