Why and how to get the best out of coaching
Time and time again, Managing Partners, CEO's and Practice Directors talk about their frustration with partners who say all the right things about improving the way they run their part of the business, but don't actually do it! 
The partners themselves get frustrated because they want to do it (whatever "it" is) but don't know enough about what they need to do or how to change to put it into practice.   That includes many Managing Partners and Heads of Departments who have taken on the job without being fully equipped, but really want to get it right for the benefit of the firm and for themselves.
Personal coaching is probably the most effective solution in these circumstances; an initiative that law firms have only taken on board seriously in the past few years, where the value and impact and willingness of lawyers and managers to get involved has traditionally been under-estimated.  These valuable people need and want more support, knowledge and understanding of the role they should play in their practice, given their personal traits and characteristics and the environment in which they work. 
We can provide coaching for just one key person in the firm, or individually to teams - both for managers and for lawyers, with all projects led by Rita Maguire. You can expect successful coaching to:
  • Build understanding and skills on business leadership; delegation, team effectiveness, empower/engagement ;
  • Develop key behaviours needed to deliver on business objectives;
  • Provide managers with the essential space they need to reflect;
  • Build self awareness ;
  • Motivate, inspire and support them to be their best in order to deliver superior performance;
  • Develop emotional intelligence; e.g. emotional resilience, motivational leadership, intuitiveness etc;
  • Build confidence and creativity ;
  • Help them to manage the complexities and challenges of change within their organisation;
  • Help them stay focused on tasks whilst building team cohesion;
  • Helps managers to learn rather than teaches them;
  • Equip them to become the coach to their staff, ensuring a coaching style of management throughout the organisation.

To make sure you get the results you want from a coaching initiative for your partners and other managers, make sure you cover these areas:

  • Select your coach carefully; know their experience, qualifications, approach;
  • Ensure a good fit between coach and coachee;
  • Define your outcomes, know what you want to get out of a coaching programme, what does success look like?
  • Contract up front with your coach to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of the arrangement ;
  • Don’t abrogate management of individuals to the coach, it’s your responsibility to manage your staff;
  • See coaching as a development opportunity not only as a remedial intervention, it can ‘help fix the roof whilst the sun shines’
  • Ensure you know how you are going evaluate the coaching programme.
If you want to explore what coaching could do for your key people, to improve bottom line performance by improving management of your practice, please contact Rita Maguire.