Strategic Approach: Cash Positive Business Development
Inpractice UK take a strategic approach to enable law firms to develop into the new generation of agile, lean legal businesses that is developing – Legal Services Act or not; enabling you to introduce a cash positive business development strategy. 
By adopting a "lean" approach to streamline both legal and business processes and other initiatives to improve the business we can readily take 5% to 25% off a firm's cost base quickly, with a positive impact on client relationships too ... to enable you to invest in development.
Some of that saving can be used to boost profit in the short term, but some should also be reinvested in effective initiatives to develop more business from existing clients and contacts, with improved processes in place - and to target new clients, service and business, developing the skills and resources needed.  The objective here is to further improve margins and profits quickly and to make it easier to grow more profitable business.
We help firms to develop a roadmap setting out a variety of development initiatives as part of this transition; then we work with you through the transition, drawing in the resources needed.  Throughout this process, we identify where investment should be made to accelerate savings and to develop business opportunities.
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