More for less - reduce operating costs AND improve service

More VALUE ... to More CLIENTS ... at Less COST to YOU

To protect and increase profits, Lean Thinking and continuous improvement techniques have only begun to be adopted recently by law firms looking to meet the increasing demands of clients who want more value for less money; all in shorter timescales.   

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50% in commoditised services such as conveyancing, insurance claims, PI .. 
25% in "creative and cognitive" services - most other legal and financial services

"The right people, using the most effective processes, at the right time, to deliver value for the client”

Lawyers and managers are beginning to work hand in hand with Lean experts like us to uncover the "hidden wastes” in law firms to understand and improve the speed and costs of service delivery.  Once the wastes are exposed and removed, firms can capitalise on their newer agile business to develop new business strategies.

Key objectives - Lean Thinking:
  • Eliminate wasted time and effort.
  • Reduce work in progress, to get cash in faster
  • Increase value of services delivered to clients
  • Streamline processes, integrate with clients
  • Improve teamwork across functional boundaries.
  • Develop process thinking.
  • Improve the work that lawyers do.
Lean thinking, applied effectively, can reduce operating costs by 50% in commoditised services - e.g. volume conveyancing, insurance claims, PI etc; 25% in "creative and cognitive" services which applies to most other legal and financial services;  and by 30% in manufacturing, where these techniques were originally developed. 

Our proven "Lean Workout"  approach provides your people  with the opportunity to eliminate wasted time and effort, increase customer focus, improve teamwork across functional boundaries, develop a consistent approach to thinking about process improvements and improves the work that your people do.

Our "Lean Team" includes experts in Lean, SixSigma and in managing change - Dominic Harborne, Rita Maguire and Allan Carton- can readily enable your lawyers to achieve radical reductions in operating costs alongside improvements in service by introducing our "lean" approach to streamlining legal and business processes.  
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